Maywood Police warning residents to be careful of diversion

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Maywood Police warning residents to be careful of diversion

Postby MaywoodBiz » Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:53 pm

as published in the Community News and on

Maywood Police warning residents to be careful of diversion burglaries

Community News (Lodi Edition)

The Maywood Police Department is warning residents to be careful of diversion-type burglaries.

Two have happened in Maywood recently and police would like the community to be alert.

"These types of burglaries are performed by actors who either portray themselves as a utility worker or gain their confidence by other means. A majority of these crimes target the elderly. However, all residents should use caution. As the distraction takes place, a second actor will enter the home to steal their belongings," stated a press release from the police.

On Jan. 12, a woman rang the doorbell of a home on East Passaic Street. She stated that she was a new neighbor and that she wanted to talk to the homeowner about the fence on their property line. The woman entered the home, but the homeowner became suspicious when she began to talk to someone on her cell phone and a man appeared at her door. Nothing was taken from the home in this incident.

On Jan. 16, a similar incident occurred, this time at the home of an elderly resident on Romaine Avenue. A man rang the doorbell and claimed he was from the water company. He then entered the home to supposedly check the water service because there was a water break in the area. While he distracted the homeowner in the basement, he was in constant communication via cell phone with a second person who entered the home and stole jewelry from a second-floor bedroom.

Detective/Sgt. Mark Gillies said that residents should ask for identification if someone claims to be a utility worker.

"There have been several incidents that have occurred throughout the county, similar to the utility worker incident," said Gillies. "Everyone should be cautious. Many times they target the elderly because they feel they can trick them into thinking their story is correct or sincere."

Police urge homeowners to contact police if they are unexpectedly confronted at the door with someone claiming to be from a utility company or any other suspicious reason.

"We would respond if a person has any questions. If there is anything unexpected, you can contact police," said Gillies.

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