No dogs in Memorial Park

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No dogs in Memorial Park

Postby bob s » Sat Apr 02, 2011 7:13 am

I thought there was a law against having dogs in Memorial Park. There are signs saying 'No dogs allowed'. The police seem to have zero enforcement. Big surprise. I have seen a police car sitting right next to the kids area while people with dogs walk right on by. Dogs in the park are bad enough, because of course, people don't clean up after their animals. But people bring their dogs right into the kids playground, wait till a kid gets bit. I have seen pit bulls in the kids playground. People even put their dogs on the slides and the swings. This week there was something in the 'Our Town' about a pettition to build a 100x200 foot 'dog run' right next to the kiddie area in Memorial Park. That is huge. Are you kidding me? Talk about smell, noise, dust, germs. Right next to the kids. They would have to cut down the nice trees in that area. People would be bringing their dogs their from all over this part of bergen county. Who would maintain this thing, please. What about the people who live in that area? We do not need a dog urine pit in Memorial Park. Put the dog run somewhere else, over by where Pfizer used to be or someplace like that.
bob s
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Re: No dogs in Memorial Park

Postby taxt2deth » Mon Apr 04, 2011 4:57 am

There are laws dammit but the tree-huggin liberal democrat faggots think nothing of opening your own neighboood to everyone. They want a dog park in Memorial so the ghetto-ball playing hoods from Paterson and Passaic can bring their pit bulls to lunch on our kids. We dont need that chit stinking up our hood either. Put the doggie park down by rt. 17 so the smells get mixed with the fumes of all the cars. In my day our dogs did their duty on our own property unless they snuck off to get some strange.Dirty your own property and pick up your own chit.
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Re: No dogs in Memorial Park

Postby MaywoodBiz » Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:42 am

Whoa.... Take it easy Taxt....

Great to see you again but go easy.
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Re: No dogs in Memorial Park

Postby TryinToHear » Mon Apr 04, 2011 1:43 pm

Dogs are permitted in the Park. They must be leashed, and the leash may not be longer than 6 feet. All dogs must remain on the paved paths for safety. NO DOG is allowed in the playground, on a ball field, or to run freely across the main grass.

Everyday, the gang of dogs hangs out in the Cleavland field. No reason to build another dog run, the feild is already gated in and noone who brings the dogs there seem to be able to read the signs. Another run would make 2 dirt pits in town. If they continue allowing the dogs on Cleaveland, there soon will be 3.
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Re: No dogs in Memorial Park

Postby Anniekins » Mon Apr 25, 2011 9:38 pm

I completely and wholeheartedly agree with Bob S., a dog run right by a children's playground is unsanitary, loud and inappropriate.

Not to mention the spread of disease when the dog's feces are not cleaned up immediately. Can you imagine the putrid odor that will be emanating right into the playground especially on many hot, sweltering summer days? Do the citizens of Maywood want that surrounding their kids? I would like to know what mother would be totally satisfied to take their child/children to a playground that is adjoined to a pit of poop, urine, tick infestation and unending noise caused by all the dogs' insufferable barks, yelps and screeching. 

I can imagine how thrilled the  Maywood DPW guys are to undertake this additional service and will make it an oath to clean 'the dog lavatory station' three times daily. Even if there's no additional compensation.    

Sure it may seem convenient if a family has children and dogs to take them to one location. But it doesn't seem logical healthwise.

I think this idea to build a dog pen by a children's playground needs to be heavily reconsidered based upon all the reasons mentioned above. If there's going to be a dog run, please I beseech, implore TPTB (The Powers That Be) to perhaps build it on the other side of the basketball court near Wyoming Ave. There the foul language from the basketball players and the foulness from the dogs go together. (Just wish there was a way to eliminate the profanity on the court. Are these men/boys/guys oblivious that there are kids within earshot distance that can hear them?).   

As well, if it isn't enough with noise pollution from the multitude of flights passing over to Teterboro Airport, now there'll be the constant and chronic dog barks throughout the day. Just another  stress inducing element for living near Spring Valley Road.    

Well, in my closing remarks I'd like to know when is this dog pen proposed to be built? Does anyone really know? And do we, the actual people who live in the neighborhood have any say against this?      
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