Residents, business owners deal with blizzard

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Residents, business owners deal with blizzard

Postby MaywoodBiz » Thu Jan 06, 2011 10:17 pm

as taken from and published in the Community News:

Residents and business owners deal with blizzard
Thursday, January 6, 2011
Community News (Lodi Edition)

Local residents and shopkeepers had varied experiences and reactions to the blizzard that poured down more than two feet of snow on the community.

Two cars are buried under the snow after last week's blizzard.A gazebo in Community Park in Lodi looks like a picture postcard after the snow.

Some were snowbound on Dec. 27 and others managed to get out and continue their routine almost as usual.

Dave Ketan, manager of the 7-Eleven on Lodi's North Main Street, said the store was open on Monday.

"We had no customers from 6 to 10 a.m.," explained Ketan.

Some food was wasted and some deliveries were late due to the storm, but the store did get a number of customers in spite of the weather.

The parking lot at the Mid Towne Center Mall where the 7-Eleven is located was clear by 9 a.m., according to Ketan.

Ketan, a Lodi resident at the Cedar Wright Gardens Apartments on Mary Street, did not have to worry personally about shoveling and said that snow at the complex was cleared out quickly.

While the 7-Eleven was open, the Lodi Grill on North Main was closed all day Monday.

"They just cleaned up the main roads, but the little roads had a lot of snow," said Alex Majia, a worker at Lodi Grill, as to the troubles with opening Monday.

Majia, a Clifton resident, said it took him an hour to do all his shoveling.

"I don't like it while it's snowing, but after that, it's nice," added Majia.

Rich Henion, manager of Another Facet jewelry store on Pleasant Avenue in Maywood, said that shoveling was an all-day project for him between home and business. Luckily for him, his store is normally closed on Mondays.

"I think Maywood did an excellent job this time with the plowing," he said.

Henion also gave credit to his fellow shopkeepers on Pleasant Avenue.

"This year, it seems for the first time on my side of the street, all the shopkeepers were diligent in removing the snow. In past years, that was a problem," said Henion.

Henion said that his yard at home in Maywood had drifts of about three and a half feet.

"We're only five days into winter. If we get hit with another one, we're in deep trouble, no pun intended," he added.

Mickey Diamond, who lives on the corner of Lennox Street and Poplar Avenue in Maywood, said that he didn't get out at all on Monday but did manage to get the cars cleared off.

Again, shoveling was a tremendous challenge. Together, he and his wife shoveled from 9 a.m. to noon, took a two-hour lunch and then went back out at 2 p.m. for more shoveling.

"The snow was up to my waist in the drifts and up to my mid-calves in other places," said Diamond.

Diamond said he couldn't remember a storm this big since the winter of 1995.

Tom Frawley, who lives in a two-family home on Elm Street in Maywood, was happy his landlord plowed out the snow. He and his wife Denise did not get to their jobs on Monday, but they did manage to get to Costco in Hackensack by mid-afternoon for some food shopping.

"The lot was pretty full. I was surprised by the number of people who must have had the same thought, 'no one else will be there,' " said Frawley.

Frawley described the accumulation of snow at his home.

"My car was under drifting snow. The snow on top of the car was almost as high as the car itself," he said.

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